Setup Requirements

Data Collection Setup

The collector interacts with the Management Plugin to collect metrics for BindPlane, so the Management Plugin must be enabled.

Network Requirements

Enable the Management Plugin for RabbitMQ

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Least Privileged User

The RabbitMQ Management Plugin requires authentication and authorization using a username and password. The user must at least have the "management" tag in order for it to be authorized to access the plugin.

One way to create a new user with the required tag is using rabbitmqctl. For example:

# User 'bindplane_collector' is created with the password '[email protected]', but does not have the required tag yet
rabbitmqctl add_user bindplane_collector [email protected]

# 'Monitoring' tag is added to the user, giving it the required permissions
rabbitmqctl set_user_tags bindplane_collector monitoring

# Give the user read access to all queues in order to collect queue metrics
rabbitmqctl set_permissions bindplane_collector '' '' '.*'

# To restrict access to only specific queues, replace '.*' with a regex pattern for the queue name(s)
# rabbitmqctl set_permissions bindplane_collector '' '' '.*-development'

Users can also be created and updated from the management plugin's web interface. See the RabbitMQ documentation for details on creating users and the different available tags.

Supported Versions

RabbitMQ: All versions of 3.x

Connection Parameters






Hostname or IP address of the RabbitMQ host.


Port that the RabbitMQ Management Plugin is running on.

SSL Configuration



Username for authenticating with the RabbitMQ Management Plugin.



Password for authenticating with the RabbitMQ Management Plugin.

Maximum Parallel Requests

Maximum number of requests to make to the RabbitMQ host at one time.