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Stackdriver Agent Migration

Several 3rd-party plugins were deprecated and BindPlane will now be the tool used to collect metrics from these technologies.

The metrics listed below are only those that were taken over from the deprecation. For a full list of metrics that BindPlane will send to Stackdriver, please click here.

Metric Type
Display Name
Kind, Type, Unit Description


Metric prefixes

If the BindPlane collector is installed on the Zookeeper host system, all the following metrics listed below will be prefixed with Otherwise, these metrics will be prefixed with

Stackdriver Metrics
Open connections
GAUGE, DOUBLE, ConnectionsNumber of connections currently alive.
Data size
GAUGE, DOUBLE, ByBytes of data on this ZooKeeper server.
GAUGE, DOUBLE, n/aNumber of followers.
Synced followers
GAUGE, DOUBLE, n/aNumber of synchronized followers.
Packets received
CUMULATIVE, INT64, PacketsPackets received.
Packets sent
CUMULATIVE, INT64, PacketsPackets sent.
GAUGE, DOUBLE, n/aZooKeeper node count.
Ephemeral nodes
GAUGE, DOUBLE, n/aNumber of ephemeral nodes.
GAUGE, DOUBLE, n/a*Number of watches on ZooKeeper nodes.
Average request latency
GAUGE, DOUBLE, msAverage request latency.
Maximum request latency
GAUGE, DOUBLE, msMaximum request latency.
Minimum request latency
GAUGE, DOUBLE, msMinimum request latency.
Outstanding requests
GAUGE, DOUBLE, RequestsNumber of outstanding requests.
Pending syncs
GAUGE, DOUBLE, PacketsNumber of pending synchronization operations.

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Stackdriver Agent Migration

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