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Getting Started

Create an account with BindPlane

Visit to create a new account.

Install a Collector

BindPlane Collectors reside inside your network and connect to the Sources you'd like to monitor. They send data back to the BindPlane cloud service.

You'll want to install the Collector on a server with network access to the Sources you're planning to monitor. Don't worry if you have multiple isolated networks, you can add as many Collectors as needed!

Select the Operating System on which your Collector will be running. Then click the Clickboard icon to copy the installation command.

BindPlane provides a single line installation command to install the Collector on your system. Just copy the command and run it on your local server to get started.

> SECRET_KEY=YOUR_SECRET_KEY sh -c "$(curl -fsSl"
 _    _                          _
| |_ | | _ _  ___  _ _ _  ___  _| | ___  _ _  ___
| . \| || | |/ ._>| ' ' |/ ._>/ . |/ . \| '_>|_- |
|___/|_|\___|\___.|_|_|_|\___.\___|\___/|_|  <_^_|
    ___  _____  _____  ___  __   ___   _  ______
   / _ )/  _/ |/ / _ \/ _ \/ /  / _ | / |/ / __/
  / _  |/ //    / // / ___/ /__/ __ |/    / _/
 /____/___/_/|_/____/_/  /____/_/ |_/_/|_/___/

| Installation Complete!
  Your collector is installed and running.

  Visit BindPlane at to begin adding Sources!

Your new Collector is ready to go!

Configure a Source to monitor

A Source is any object you'd like to monitor. It could be a database, a web service, or even a hardware device in your datacenter. We support over 100 Sources, and we're adding more all the time!

To get started, just pick one Source. You'll come back later to add everything in your environment.

Select which type of Source you'd like to monitor.

Select a Collector to use. In this case there should only be one, so the decision's easy! If you add multiple Collectors for multiple networks or datacenters, it's important you choose the Collector in the same region as your Source.

Enter in your credentials and click "Test Connection" to verify everything's working correctly. Then just click 'Add' to begin monitoring!

Now we're monitoring PostgreSQL!

Configure a Destination

A Destination is a monitoring analytics service where you can view your data.

Enter the required fields and click Test Connection, then Add.

That's it! Now that you've connected your BindPlane account to a Destination, all the Sources you configure will stream data to your Destination!

BindPlane even provides out-of-box Dashboards that you can install with a single click!

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Getting Started

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