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Deploying multiple Agents with a Template


In many cases, it is useful to have an install command that can be run on multiple hosts and have the hosts preconfigured to collect logs and send them to a destination. This is especially useful for platforms like Kubernetes, where the agent runs in transient containers.

To do this, we can make use of Deployment Templates, which allow us to easily generate single command to deploy agents using a specified destination and source configuration(s). Follow the steps below to create a template:

  1. Navigate to the Templates page under the Logs tab.
  2. Click on Add Deployment Template.
  3. Give the template a Name and click on Create.
  4. Click on the template you've just created
  5. Attach a Destination and Source to the template.
  6. Click on Add Agent and choose the deployment platform you wish to use.
  7. Copy the command given and use it to deploy the agent to multiple host systems.

Within a couple of minutes, you should see the agents appear on the “Agents” page, already configured with the destination and sources you selected in the install process.

Updated about a year ago

Deploying multiple Agents with a Template

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