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Stackdriver Agent Migration

Several 3rd-party plugins were deprecated and BindPlane will now be the tool used to collect metrics from these technologies.

The metrics listed below are only those that were taken over from the deprecation. For a full list of metrics that BindPlane will send to Stackdriver, please click here.

Metric Type
Display Name
Kind, Type, Unit Description


Metric prefixes

If the BindPlane collector is installed on the HBase host system, all the following metrics listed below will be prefixed with Otherwise, these metrics will be prefixed with

Stackdriver Metrics
IPC connections
GAUGE, DOUBLE, ConnectionsThe number of open connections.
IPC queue size
GAUGE, DOUBLE, ByThe current size of the IPC queue.
IPC traffic
CUMULATIVE, INT64, ByThe number of bytes transmitted and received via IPC.
direction: Data direction, rx or tx.
GAUGE, DOUBLE, n/aThe average master load.
Dead region servers
GAUGE, DOUBLE, n/aThe number of dead region servers.
Live region servers
GAUGE, DOUBLE, n/aThe number of live region servers.
Block cache accesses
CUMULATIVE, INT64, n/aThe number of blocks of StoreFiles (HFiles) requested from the cache.
kind: The cache access kind.
Evicted block count
CUMULATIVE, INT64, BlocksThe number of blocks that had to be evicted from the block cache due to heap size constraints.
Block cache hit ratio
GAUGE, DOUBLE, %The running block cache hit ratio (0 to 100).
Block cache size
GAUGE, DOUBLE, ByMemory usage by the block cache.
usage_kind: The cache access kind.
Block count
GAUGE, DOUBLE, BlocksThe number of blocks of StoreFiles (HFiles) in the cache.
Call queue size
GAUGE, DOUBLE, ByThe length of the call queue.
Compaction queue size
GAUGE, DOUBLE, n/aThe length of the compaction queue (the number of stores that have been targeted for compaction).
Flush queue size
GAUGE, DOUBLE, n/aThe number of enqueued regions in the MemStore awaiting flush.
Heap usage
GAUGE, DOUBLE, ByHeap space used by the regionserver.
Memstore files
GAUGE, DOUBLE, n/aThe number of store files on the regionserver.
Memstore index size
GAUGE, DOUBLE, ByThe size of the store file index on the regionserver.
Memstore open stores
GAUGE, DOUBLE, n/aThe number of stores open on the regionserver.
Memstore size
GAUGE, DOUBLE, ByThe sum of all the memstore sizes in the regionserver.
Online regions
GAUGE, DOUBLE, n/aThe number of active regions in the regionserver.
Request count
CUMULATIVE, INT64, RequestsThe number of requests.
request_type: The type of request.
GAUGE, DOUBLE, 1/sThe point-in-time number of RegionServer RPC calls.
type: The type of request.
AdditionsBindPlane integration requires user to sum type: read and write to produce total_rate. Dashboard modification may be required.
Slow operations
CUMULATIVE, INT64, n/aThe number of slow log operations.
operation: The operation name (e.g., get, put).
Additionsoperation: in addition to get, put, delete, and increment, the BindPlane integration also collects and reports append and delete operations

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Stackdriver Agent Migration

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