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Setup Requirements

Data Collection Setup

HBase emit Hadoop metrics via Java Management Extensions (JMX) that are specific to HBase deployments.

HBase can be configured for either Standalone or in a Distributed configuration. Set this to the correct setting during the Source configuration.

JMX Service URL or Host & Port are the two collection configurations.

JMX needs to be enabled on the master and region servers.

Enabling JMX Metrics

JMX needs to be enabled on the master and region servers. Or only Master in the case of a standalone installation.

These are required to enable metric collection. Follow the instructions for enabling metric collection:

For Distributed Environments, JMX monitoring has to be enabled on the Master and Region servers.

Example Service URL


Least Privilege User

JMX Read-only user with monitor permissions.
See for more information.

Network Requirements

Ports for Distributed: 10102
Ports for Standalone: 10101

Supported Versions

Minimum: 0.98, 1.x, 2.1.4

Connection Parameters




JMX Connection Type

Provide the JMX Service URL or provide the Host and Port for the master server's JMX service.



Hostname of the master server.

Master JMX Service URL


JMX Service URL for connecting to the master server through JMX. Example:

Master JMX Port

Port on which the master server is accepting JMX connections.

HBase Mode

Run mode of the HBase instance.

Region Server JMX Port

Port on which the region servers are accepting JMX connections.





Collection Concurrency

Maximum number of Region Servers to request data from at once.

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Setup Requirements

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