Setting up alerting in GCP for Processes

  1. Go to your GCP and select Monitoring, Alerting, then click on Create Policy in the top left corner.
  1. Once you click on Create policy next you want to click on Add Condition.

3.After you click Add Condition you can give it a title at the Top of the window that come up and then add the metric you want to alert on.

4.After selecting the metric then you need to select a resource. For this you want to select the Generic Node resource.

5.Next you want to filter by the process name or the PID

  1. After you select your filter you want to configure the Condition: ( the lowest you can set the condition time is 3min)

7.After you configure the condition then click save at the bottom left corner to save the condition

  1. There are additional steps that are optional like Who should be notified or steps to fix the issue. If you don't need any of these options you can just click the save button