Logs Collected

Below is an example of some logs for PGBouncer being displayed in Google Stackdriver Logging. The data collected is being retrieved from the PGBouncer log files.

PGBouncer Logs ExamplePGBouncer Logs Example

PGBouncer Logs Example

Log Collection Setup

Follow these steps to setup log collection from PGBouncer.


  • Locate the path to the PGBouncer log files

Configure a PGBouncer Source

  1. Install the BindPlane Log Agent on the host system.
  2. Login to BindPlane and select the Logs tab.
Logs TabLogs Tab

Logs Tab

  1. Select the Sources tab.
Sources TabSources Tab

Sources Tab

  1. In the top-right portion of the screen, click on the Add Source Configuration button
Add Source Configuration ButtonAdd Source Configuration Button

Add Source Configuration Button

  1. Choose PGBouncer
  2. Fill out the PGBouncer log configuration options.
PGBouncer Log Configuration FormPGBouncer Log Configuration Form

PGBouncer Log Configuration Form