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Microsoft Azure Monitor

How do I configure this destination?

In order to configure an Azure Monitor destination, you will need a Workspace ID and a Primary Key. This information will allow BindPlane to insert data into your Azure Monitor workspace. If you're having trouble locating this information, you can find it in the Advanced Settings of your Log Analytics resource, as seen in the reference image below.

An example advanced settings page

How do I find my data?

Integration data is sent to Azure Monitor using the Log Analytics HTTP Data Collector API. Metrics can either be queried in the Logs interface or examined through user defined views.

An example log search

An example workspace with BindPlane specific views

How do I install dashboards and alerts?

From within BindPlane, navigate to your Azure Monitor destination. At the bottom of this page, you will see a list of dashboards and alerts corresponding to the technologies that you are monitoring. Clicking install will open an ARN template in your Azure account. This template will require you to enter your workspace and action group name before deploying the content.

An example dashboard installation from BindPlane

An example ARN template used for dashboard deployment

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Microsoft Azure Monitor

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