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Lenovo Network

Monitor Lenovo Network Switches

Data Collection Setup

Metrics are collected via SNMP from the Lenovo Network Switches


CIDR for IP Range Definition

CIDR format must be used for switch definition in the Source Configuration:

Examples: or 2620:0:2d0:200:1f00:400::7/120)

Network Requirements

Port: 161 (UDP) SNMPv2 from Lenovo Network Switches

Least Privileged User

SNMP read-only community string

Supported Versions


  • Lenovo Rackswitch models
  • Lenovo Flex System Fabric models


  • Lenovo G8264 Switch
  • Lenovo G8296 Switch
  • Lenovo Flex System Fabric EN4093R 10Gb Scalable Switch

Connection Parameters

SNMP Version
Management IPRequired
Community StringRequired
Security Level
Authentication TypeRequired
Auth PasswordRequired
Privacy TypeRequired
Privacy PasswordRequired
Timeout IntervalTimeout in seconds before a confirmed request is resent or timed out.
Socket Timeout IntervalThe socket timeout for incoming messages in seconds. A timeout of zero is interpreted as an infinite timeout.
Discovery Timeout IntervalThe amount of time in seconds that we should allow discovery to take against a given target.
Collection Timeout IntervalThe amount of time in seconds that we should allow collection to take against a given target.



Broadcast Packets Received (Packets)Broadcast Packets Received
Broadcast Packets Transmitted (Packets)Broadcast Packets Transmitted
Data Received (Bytes)Data Received
Data Transmitted (Bytes)Data Transmitted
Errors with Inbound Packets (Errors)Errors with Inbound Packets
Inbound Packet DiscardsInbound Packet Discards
Inbound Unknown ProtocolsInbound Unknown Protocols
Multicast Packets Received (Packets)Multicast Packets Received
Multicast Packets Transmitted (Packets)Multicast Packets Transmitted
Operational StateOperational State
Outbound Packet DiscardsOutbound Packet Discards
Outbound Packet Errors (Errors)Outbound Packet Errors
Outbound Packet Queue LengthOutbound Packet Queue Length
Port NumberPort Number
System IDSystem ID
Unicast Packets Received (Packets)Unicast Packets Received
Unicast Packets Transmitted (Packets)Unicast Packets Transmitted


Average Errors with Outbound Packets (Bytes)Average Errors with Outbound Packets
Average Inbound Packet Discards (Bytes)Average Inbound Packet Discards
Average Inbound Unknown Protocols (Bytes)Average Inbound Unknown Protocols
Average Outbound Packet Discards (Bytes)Average Outbound Packet Discards
Management IPManagement IP
Maximum Processes (Processes)Maximum Processes
Number of Processes (Processes)Number of Processes
System IDSystem ID
Total Broadcast Packets Received (Bytes)Total Broadcast Packets Received
Total Broadcast Packets Transmitted (Bytes)Total Broadcast Packets Transmitted
Total Data Received (Bytes)Total Data Received
Total Data Transmitted (Bytes)Total Data Transmitted
Total Multicast Packets Received (Bytes)Total Multicast Packets Received
Total Multicast Packets Transmitted (Bytes)Total Multicast Packets Transmitted
Total Unicast Packets Received (Bytes)Total Unicast Packets Received
Total Unicast Packets Transmitted (Bytes)Total Unicast Packets Transmitted
Uptime (Milliseconds)Uptime

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Lenovo Network

Monitor Lenovo Network Switches

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