Google Cloud Storage

Monitor Google Cloud File Storage Service


Not Included in the BindPlane with Google Cloud Monitoring offering

All of the Google Cloud Platform sources listed within this documentation are not included with the BindPlane with Google Cloud Monitoring offering.

For more information on how to use the below LPU and other Google Cloud Data Collection setup. See the Google Cloud Platform Sources

Least Privileged User

A user role with the at least the following permissions is required:


Deploying a Least Privileged User

To learn more about how to deploy a role with these permissions to a GCP Organization, or a GCP Project, please refer to this documentation:
Deploy an Individual LPU role to a GCP Project, or GCP Organization

- cloudnotifications.activities.list
- monitoring.alertPolicies.get
- monitoring.alertPolicies.list
- monitoring.dashboards.get
- monitoring.dashboards.list
- monitoring.groups.get
- monitoring.groups.list
- monitoring.metricDescriptors.get
- monitoring.metricDescriptors.list
- monitoring.monitoredResourceDescriptors.get
- monitoring.monitoredResourceDescriptors.list
- monitoring.notificationChannelDescriptors.get
- monitoring.notificationChannelDescriptors.list
- monitoring.notificationChannels.get
- monitoring.notificationChannels.list
- monitoring.publicWidgets.get
- monitoring.publicWidgets.list
- monitoring.timeSeries.list
- monitoring.uptimeCheckConfigs.get
- monitoring.uptimeCheckConfigs.list
- resourcemanager.projects.get
- stackdriver.projects.get
- storage.buckets.list

Connection Parameters

Private Key JSONRequiredThe contents of the private key JSON file created when setting up a service account.
Metric CollectionControls which metrics get requested from GCP's Stackdriver API.
ProjectsRequiredA comma separated whitelist of project IDs. If the wildcard "*" is used, resources will be collected from all available projects.
Connection TimeoutThe number of seconds to allow for connecting to the target.



ACL BucketThe name of the bucket.
ACL DomainThe domain associated with the entity.
ACL EmailThe email address associated with the entity.
ACL EntityThe entity holding the permission.
ACL Entity IDThe ID for the entity.
ACL Entity TagHTTP 1.1 Entity tag for the access-control entry.
ACL IDThe ID of the access-control entry.
ACL KindThe kind of item this is.
ACL Project Team Project NumberThe project number.
ACL Project Team TeamThe team.
ACL RoleThe access permission for the entity.
ACL Self LinkThe link to this access-control entry.
Billing Requester PaysWhen set to true, Requester Pays is enabled for this bucket.
CORS Maximum Age (Seconds)The value to return in the Access-Control-Max-Age header used in preflight responses.
CORS MethodThe list of HTTP methods on which to include CORS response headers, (GET, OPTIONS, POST, etc) Note: "*" is permitted in the list of methods, and means "any method".
CORS OriginThe list of Origins eligible to receive CORS response headers. Note: "*" is permitted in the list of origins, and means "any Origin".
CORS Response HeaderThe list of HTTP headers other than the simple response headers to give permission for the user-agent to share across domains.
Encryption Default KMS Key NameA Cloud KMS key that will be used to encrypt objects inserted into this bucket, if no encryption method is specified.
Entity TagHTTP 1.1 Entity tag for the bucket.
KindThe kind of item this is. For buckets, this is always storage#bucket.
LabelsUser-provided labels, in key/value pairs.
LocationThe location of the bucket. Object data for objects in the bucket resides in physical storage within this region.
Logging Log BucketThe destination bucket where the current bucket's logs should be placed.
Logging Log Object PrefixA prefix for log object names.
MetagenerationThe metadata generation of this bucket.
NameThe name of the bucket.
Object CountTotal number of objects per bucket.
Owner EntityThe entity, in the form project-owner-projectId.
Owner Entity IDThe ID for the entity.
Project IDThe project in which the bucket was created.
Project NumberThe project number of the project the bucket belongs to.
Received Data (Bytes per Second)Rate of data received over the network.
Request Count (Requests per Second)Rate of API calls.
Self LinkThe URI of this bucket.
Sent Data (Bytes per Second)Rate of data sent over the network.
Storage ClassThe bucket's default storage class, used whenever no storageClass is specified for a newly-created object. This defines how objects in the bucket are stored and determines the SLA and the cost of storage. Values include MULTI_REGIONAL, REGIONAL, STANDARD, NEARLINE, COLDLINE, and DURABLE_REDUCED_AVAILABILITY. If this value is not specified when the bucket is created, it will default to STANDARD. For more information, see storage classes.
Time CreatedThe creation time of the bucket in RFC 3339 format.
Total Data (Bytes)Total size of all objects in the bucket.
Total Data Rate (Bytes per Second)Total daily rate of storage usage by the bucket.
UpdatedThe modification time of the bucket in RFC 3339 format.
Versioning EnabledWhile set to true, versioning is fully enabled for this bucket.
Website Main Page SuffixIf the requested object path is missing, the service will ensure the path has a trailing '/', append this suffix, and attempt to retrieve the resulting object. This allows the creation of index.html objects to represent directory pages.
Website Not Found PageIf the requested object path is missing, and any mainPageSuffix object is missing, if applicable, the service will return the named object from this bucket as the content for a 404 Not Found result.